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pajama_party's Journal

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Hef's Pajama Party
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Join the slumber party that will go on every night! Show off your favorite jammies, or whatever it is you sleep in. But no nudity, please....you 'in the buff' sleepers will have to cover up. :) Come back every night and post a picture of that night's pajamas. Or post pictures of your bedroom, your bed, your pillow, your teddy bear, your alarm clock, or you as you are, RIGHT before you climb into bed.

This community is also for the night owls, anyone with insomnia, or anybody who is just up all through the wee hours. Drop in and tell everyone about your night, what you're doing, whatever you want! Gossip about cute Billy or Mary! Make prank phone calls. Let's do each other's hair.

Stop in right before you go beddy-bye. Let us tuck you in and kiss you goodnight.

Sweet dreams! :)

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